Bikini Category Rules

The Bikini Category is aimed at women, who are keeping their body in shape by eating healthy and keeping fit. Muscular definition is not allowed, but body tone and a healthy overall physical appearance is essential. Balance of the upper and lower body is important and the face and hair will also be taken in to consideration. We do not permit crossover to Bodybuilding, Figure and/or Fitness categories.


  • All two-piece suits must be in good taste
  • Any colour and/or pattern is allowed and will be the competitors own choice. Crystals or glitter is allowed
  • The bottom part of the bikini must be V-shaped and cover a decent part of the front at least 2/3 of the glutes. Thongs/ G-Strings are strictly prohibited
  • High heel shoes must be worn, but platform soles are not permitted. The colour and style of the shoes will be the competitors own choice
  • Competitors may wear jewellery in good taste


  • The athlete is expected to have a natural and healthy looking tan
  • Tan that comes off when wiped by a hand are strictly prohibited

Height Classes

  • There will be 2 or 3 classes. Up to & including 163 cm, Up to & including 169 cm and Over 169 cm (or Over 168cm)
  • The Executive Committee may, at their discretion, decide to add more height classes if needed
  • If the category has too many competitors and splitting of the Bikini category is needed, the height classes will be to the discretion of the officials present

Bikini and Shoes Styles and Sizes Guide

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Presentation and Comparison Round 1

The competitors will walk on stage in a line-up and will be guided through 4 quarter turns.

Prejudging: Presentation (Round 1) (Two-Piece Bikini)

The procedures for Round 1 (Two-Piece Bikini) will be as follows:

  • The entire line-up is brought onstage, in numerical order and in a single line.
  • The line-up will be divided into two equal-size groups and will be positioned onstage so that one group is to the left of the stage; the other group is to the right of the stage. The center portion of the stage will be left open for comparison purposes.
  • In numerical order, and in groups of no more than five competitors at a time, each group will be directed to center-stage area to perform the four quarter turns.
  • This initial grouping of competitors, and performance of the quarter turns, is intended to assist the judges in determining which competitors will take part in the comparisons that follow.

Judges will be asked to note down their top 5-not placing them.

The Assistant of the Head-Judge will collect all the judges' top 5 and prepare the comparisons according the judges wishes. The Head-Judge will call the comparisons according to the judges' notes.

Comparison: Pre-judging (Round 1)

Pre-judging (Round 1) All individual comparisons will be carried out center-stage and in the order, from left to right, as requested by the head-judge. These comparisons will be done in the following manner:

The total number of comparisons will be as decided by the Head Judge. All competitors will undergo at least one comparison. Upon completion of the last comparison, all competitors will return to a single lineup, in numerical order, before exiting the stage.


The PRESENTATION and COMPARISON ROUND will be judged as one (1) Round

  • Balance and Shape
  • Overall Physical Appearance including:
    • Complexion
    • Skin tone
    • Poise
    • Overall presentation

See notes for guidance in the ASSESSMENT below.



The assessment should take the whole physique into account. The assessment, beginning with a general impression of the physique, should take into consideration the hair and facial beauty; the overall body development and shape; the presentation of a balanced, symmetrically developed, complete physique; the condition of the skin and the skin tone (with tattoos/without tattoos); and the athlete's ability to present herself with confidence, poise and grace.


The physique should be assessed as to its level of overall body tone, achieved through athletic endeavors and diet. The body parts should have a nice and firm appearance with a decreased amount of body fat. The physique should neither be excessively muscular nor excessively lean and should be free from muscle separation and/or striations. Physiques that are considered too muscular, too hard or too lean must be marked down.


The assessment should also take into consideration the tightness and tone of the skin. The skin tone should be smooth and healthy in appearance, and without cellulite. The face, hair and makeup should complement the "Total Package" presented by the athlete.


The judge's assessment of the athlete's physique should include the athlete's entire presentation, from the moment she walks onstage until the moment she walks offstage. At all times, the bikin competitor must be viewed with the emphasis on a "healthy and fit" physique, in an attractively presented "Total Package".


Judges are reminded that this is not a Figure division. The competitors should have shape to their muscle but not the separation, definition, very low bodyfat level or hardness that is seen at Figure competitions. Any competitor who exhibits these features is to be marked down.


The competitor will enter the stage alone and perform an I-Walk.

The I-Walk consists of the following:

  • The competitor will walk to the centre of the stage at the back. Stop and do a Front Stance
  • She will perform a full turn to face the rear of the stage and do a Back Stance
  • She will perform a full turn to the front again and face the Judges
  • She will then walk to the front centre stage and do a Front Stance and Back Stance
  • The competitor will take her place at the side of the stage as instructed by the stage marshal/director. The competitors will be judged in the Finals on their presentation as explained above (in Pre-Judging).