Women's Physique Category Rules

The Women's Physique category is aimed at women who are more developed than the physiques in the Figure category.


  • In Women's Physique, there will be one category for the time being.
  • At some events, we may have two height classes.
  • More categories may be added at any time if so decided by us.


The attire for all rounds is a two-piece bikini, which must conform to the following criteria:

  • Colour and material at the discretion of the athlete.
  • Discreet ornamentation and or crystals are allowed.
  • At least 2 cm high on the sides and covering a minimum of one-half of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area.
  • No footwear.
  • No jewellery or other accessories, except for a wedding ring.


Women's Physique consists of the following two rounds:

  • Prejudging: Round 1 - Quarter Turns and Compulsory Poses.
  • Finals: Round 2 - 30 seconds Posing Routine


Presentation of Round 1 (Quarter Turns and Compulsory Poses):

Under the direction of the Head-Judge, Round 1 is carried out as follows:

  • The entire line-up is called onstage, in a single line and in numerical order.
  • The line-up is divided into two equal-size groups and is positioned onstage so that one group is to the left of the stage; the other group is to the right of the stage. The centre portion of the stage is left open for comparison purposes.
  • In numerical order, each group is directed to the centre-stage area to perform the following four Compulsory Poses: a. Front biceps pose (open handed) b. Side Chest pose, hands together stretched forward c. Back biceps pose (open handed) d. Triceps pose with one leg stretch forward
  • All individual comparisons are to be carried out centre-stage and in the order, from left to right, as directed by the Head-Judge.
  • On completion of the last comparison, the entire line-up is reformed into a single line, in numerical order, before exiting the stage.

Scoring of Round 1 (Compulsory Poses):

The scoring of Round 1 is carried out as follows:

  • Each judge awards each competitor an individual placing, ensuring that no two or more competitors receive the same placing.
  • With nine (9) judges, two high and two low scores are discarded. With seven (7) or five (5) judges, 1 high and 1 low score will be discarded.
    The remaining scores are added up to produce a "Round 1 Subscore" and a "Round 1 Placing".
  • Ties in the "Round 1 Subscore" are broken using the Relative Placement method.

Assessing Round 1 (Quarter Turns and Compulsory Poses):

Round 1 is assessed using the following criteria;


The judge should first assess the overall female athletic appearance of the physique. This assessment should begin at the head and extend downwards, taking the whole physique into account. The assessment, beginning with the general impression of the physique, should take into consideration the hair and facial features; the overall athletic development of the musculature; the presentation of a balanced, symmetrically developed physique; the condition of the skin and the skin tone; and the athlete's ability to present onstage with confidence.


During the comparisons of the Compulsory Poses, the judge should first look at the primary muscle group being displayed. The judge should then survey the whole physique, starting from the head, and looking at every part of the physique in a downward sequence, beginning with general impressions, and looking for a symmetrical balanced development of all the muscle groups and definition. The downward survey should take in the head, neck, shoulders, chest, all of the arm muscles, front of the trunk for pectorals, pec-delt tie-in, abdominals, waist, thighs, legs, calves and feet. The same procedure for back poses will also take in the upper and lower trapezius, teres and infraspinatus, erector spinae, the gluteus group, the leg biceps group at the back of the thighs, calves, and feet. A detailed assessment of the various muscle groups should be made during the comparisons, at which time the judge has to compare muscle shape, density, and definition while still bearing in mind the competitor's overall balanced development and femininity.


The physique should be assessed as to the level of overall muscle tone, achieved through athletic endeavours. The muscle groups should have a round and firm appearance with a small amount of body fat.


The assessment should also take into consideration the tightness and tone of the skin. The skin tone should be smooth and healthy in appearance.


The judge's assessment of the athlete's physique should include the athlete's entire presentation, from the moment she walks onstage until the moment she walks offstage. At all times the competitor must be viewed with the emphasis on a "healthy, fit, athletic-looking muscular physique, in an attractively presented total package".


Attire for the Round 2 is the same as Round 1.

Presentation of Round 2 (Posing Routines):

Each competitor is called onstage and is introduced by number and name
individually and in numerical order, to perform a posing routine to music of her own choice. The maximum length of the routine is 30 seconds.

Scoring of Round 2 (Posing Routines):

The scoring of Round 2 is carried out as follows:

  • Each judge awards each competitor an individual placing ensuring that no two or more competitors receive the same placing.
  • With nine judges, two high and two low scores are discarded. With seven (7) or five (5) judges, 1 high and 1 low score will be discarded. The remaining scores are summed to produce the "Round 2 Subscore".
  • The "Round 2 Subscore" is added to the "Round 1 Subscore" to produce a "Final Score" and "Final Placing".
  • Should a tie occur in the "FINAL SCORE", the tie shall be broken using the "Relative Placement" method

Assessing Round 2 (Posing Routines):

Round 2 is assessed using the following criteria:

  • Each judge assesses the posing routine with a view towards the display of muscularity, definition, style and grace, personality, athletic coordination and overall performance.
  • Judges look for a smooth, artistic, and well-choreographed routine. The use of props is prohibited. The judges are reminded that, during this round, they are judging the routine and the physique.