Mission Statement

The IFBB New Zealand is the newly established non profitable Bodybuilding organisation dedicated to promote, support and foster the sport of Bodybuilding,Figure and Fitness in New Zealand.

The IFBB New Zealand is affiliated and sactioned under the IFBB affiliates National Federations from 199 countries and is a member of the SportAccord (former General Association of International Sports Federations - GAISF) and the International World Games Association (IWGA); it is recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and over 90 National Olympic Committees (NOCs); as well as being a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, that has recognized the IFBB as the only authority in bodybuilding, whose anti-doping program is in full compliance with the WADA Code.

The IFBB New Zealand parent body IFBB plays as well an active relationship with scientific and sport international organizations; being conscience of the benefits that a bodybuilding lifestyle can play in the populations health; and the specific applications as ideal anti-aging life style for all ages.

With the IFBB New Zealand, we have the platform for you to compete locally, with the opportunity to step up and be selected to proudly represent your country New Zealand at World Events. We also gives you the opportunity to compete at a drug free event.

With the IFBB New Zealand, you have a Team you can trust who will help you grow your passion and career in the sport of Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness.

Ms Esther Tofilau (President)

President of the IFBBNZ; Community Leader; Business Owner

A Samoan proverb, "O le ala i le pule o le tautua". Translates in Samoan, "The path to Leadership is through Service" so I'm here at your service for this calling.

As a New Zealand born pacific woman, in a male domineering domain of the sport of Bodybuilding, I'm here to advocate for athletes, pave and enhance their Kiwis Dreams and that is to one day represent their country New Zealand on a world bodybuilding stage and win Gold, or simply to see lives changes through athletes reaching their goals in health and wellness.

With humble beginnings, my involvement started back in 1997 with the guidance of Mr Peter Harwick (INBA); from the year 2000 I was co-op onto the Executive Committee of the NZFBB by President at the time Mr Philip Hope and then recently on the 7thJuly 2018 I was appointed by IFBB Vice President Mr Paul Graham as President of the IFBB New Zealand.

First time in history, to date I am the only pacific woman who became the first ever qualified International Bodybuilding Judge in the world, now on record, I am also the first pacific woman to become a President in the world, with 197 affiliation to the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding), established in In 1946, the IFBB was founded by brothers Ben and Joe Weider in Montreal, Canada under the name "International Federation of Bodybuilders".

I am a single parent, and self-employed qualifier licenced Finance Service Provider/Broker (FSP) by profession and the CEO for ASA Foundation which is a community organisation and much much more.

Love working amongst our pacific and local communities, inspiring and empowering them to rise up and achieved their aspirations and dreams for a better future. To work locally but think globally, we can build a strong and prosperous New Zealand. I have achieved much more through determination and knowing that we can achieve anything in life that we put our mind too.

I am truly blessed to be in this position and have an amazing new team who will continue the great work for the love and passion of this sport of Bodybuilding.

Thank you.

Gustav Wentzel (Vice President)

From an early age my dad introduced me to a variety of different sports – he is a big sports man, especially Rugby. Apart from Sports, he is also a reputable business man.

As I grew older I found my love for athletics at age 6. My dad was my coach and together we perused the sport for me to become one of the best 100m and 200m sprinters in South Africa at age 17.

My drive to excel did not stop at athletics but started to also show in my eager sense to learn more about business. At the age of 16 I started my first company in computer repairs and at age 25 moved half way around the world looking for a new business adventure and challenges.

Today im the founder and owner of the Stealth Group in NZ (www.stealthgroup.co.nz) which consist of 4 diverse companies. Each of the Stealth business specialize in providing you with the best solution for your requirements and we are constantly expanding through innovative and forward thinking, making our way to the top and we are taking our clients with us.

One of the companies under the Stealth umbrella is Stealth Supplements and we are proud to be aligned with the IFBB NZ (www.ifbbnz.nz), joining forces in this great sport.

"Opportunities don't just happen. You create them."

Executive Members

Ted Faleauto Stone Johnston Lawyer

I Have worked as a Barrister & Solicitor in NZ in 1995, and have been admitted and currently licensed as a Barrister. Currently Barrister Sole in NZ. Worked at Otahuhu Court.

Duty Solicitor initially since 2002 approximately at Manu-kau.

Have lengthy Criminal law Experience. Have dealt wit thousands of cases, working as a criminal lawyer at court 5 days a week for over 20 years, and have acted as senior / sole counsel in well over 100 jury trials to verdict, winning the majority of cases. Have spent many years as a duty lawyer at Manukau Court. Have appeared at all Auckland courts, and have knowledge of them. Have also carried out family law, employment law, youth court charges, fisheries, immigration work, as well as other civil matters. I have a strong belief in fairness, and justice for our New Zealand community, as well as an especial link with the Pacific Island Community in New Zealand.

Darrin Orchard

Hi my name is Darrin Orchard. I've been married to Jacqui for 16yrs, and have 2 sons Benjamin and Cameron. I'm a Property Manager at Kings School in Remuera. From the age of 16 I was a semi professional soccer player representing Auckland and Counties. I was top goal scorer in NZ one year so have always been competitive in sport and fitness. Retired from football at the age of 32 and 2 years later got into bodybuilding. Was a novice for one year and was picked to to go to the Australasian champs and won that, and so my bodybuilding journey began. 50 odd competitions later with 3rd place being the worst result and still going strong at the age of 50yrs old. Have been judging and helping athletes prepare for shows while having 4yrs off, but plan to be back on stage in 2019. This federation is where my bodybuilding started. I now want to help bring this federation back to where it should be, the first one that the athletes pick on their calendar to compete for.

Karlee Quinn

Karlee has been in the fashion industry for 16+ years in New Zealand. Has been around bodybuilding most of her adult life supporting family and friends. Never competed herself but has been the support crew, within NZ and Australian federations. Four years ago she started her own spray tan business as a side hassle to her normal work. She saw a market after seeing the shocking tans on stage over the years. Tanning is one of the most final touches to been stage ready, and needs to be done right, especially after all that hard work and dollars that has gone in over the weeks and months for the athletes and their support. Her tanning business specialise in competition tanning as well as normal tanning. Been a perfectionist in most things she does this has given her 5 star reviews, you won't be disappointed.

Damien Williams

I am an elite trainer with over 30 years experience in both Bodybuilding and Martial art disciplines. I have extensive knowledge in all areas of training and nutrition. I competed in my earlier days as a young teenager before pursuing Bodybuilding as a way of life. I'm a former National judge for Nabba NZ and INBA and been involved with the Nabba circle for many years. I hold ranks in both Shotokan Karate and Wing Chun Kung Fu and have been under the styles major organisations throughout the late 1980s CKA, JKA and the SKIF as well as the NZ Wing Chun Kung Fu Association since the early 1990s and a little experience in Bujinkan Ninjutsu. I currently work as a Personal Trainer and from 2019 I am now an Executive member and judge for the IFBBNZ and I look forward to promoting and the future growth of the federation, and to give competitors exciting and new opportunities for further development in the sport.

Buck Stowers

Buck Stowers is dyslexic, 47 years old. Buck was afraid of education because he fell through the system. Deemed a dummy Buck taught himself how to read. In his late 20s Buck read his first real book and it was only in his 40s he discovered that reading and writing with dyslexia can be achieved. Buck has directional problems due to his dyslexia where he cannot read a map or find his way from A to B. However these ongoing difficulties to comprehend written work made life more challenging, and Buck's coined phrase "Your potential to success is governed by your commitment". Buck's commitment to run the biggest assault on Obesity is evidenced in his Obesity Addiction program. As the founder of "Off the couch" Trust; his Big Boys and Big Girls program delivered is delivered at Genetics Gym that Buck and Lucretia Stowers own, in Manukau.
Buck has been nominated for Pacific businessman of the year 2010 and Entrepreneurs of the year which he turned down because he did not believe he was worthy of such an award. Buck has won the NZer of the day 2011; Nominated NZer of the year 2012 and received a certificate of achievement; Winner of "The people's choice" 2011 at the inaugural NZ Pacific Sports awards and Winner of the prestigious "Reverend Sio" community services award at the Samoan Sports Award 2012. Buck has also been awarded a medal for local hero by NZer of the year for Mangere in Auckland 2012.
Buck has been re nominated for NZer of the year 2014, local hero 2014 which he has won and receives his 2nd local hero medal and "off the couch" Big boys and Big girls has been nominated for their 2nd year in a row for community of the year through NZer of the year.
Buck Stowers runs a program called big boys / Girls which is on doctor's referral throughout Manukau. Big boy/Girls is the only morbid obesity addiction program in NZ. The referrals through doctors will expand in 2 months to the whole of Auckland where 1200 doctors can refer his program.
Buck has broken most of the bones in his body and had 17 lower limb surgeries. Buck has permanent disabilities in his knees and has 12 pins in his ankle and knees...despite all this Buck Stowers has written an addiction programme to assist to heal the world. Buck has been featured on 20/20, Tagata Pasifika, TVNZ, Good morning show and local TV and radio programs for the work he does in community-for many people he is their 'hero'.
Buck has been a key note speaker at Aut, Mit, Massey University, Auckland university, international gambling addiction, Cutting edge national addiction conference, A time to change conference, GPS conference, Red Stag health and safety biannual meeting, schools, businesses university's and Christian youth international conferences and for NZer of the year.
In 2015 buck won community service awards for the SunPix awards in health. 2 people were awarded this award, the other being Dr Joe Williams.
In 2007 and 2008 buck competed in the Auckland masters bench press and the north island bench press competition where he won both in his class and was ranked number 1 in NZ.
Buck has been considered one of the strongest men in NZ and had a contract with the WWF (World wrestling federation).

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This bio was written for Buck for the GPS conference as everyone that spoke at this conference had Degrees, double degrees, master's degrees and doctorates. Buck was the only unqualified speaker with learning disabilities.

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